The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is committed to protecting children from becoming victims of online crime. 

We want to protect kids from exploitation and abduction by Internet predators; we hope to increase the reporting of such criminal activity; and we strive to provide parents, guardians, and other responsible adults with resources to make our kids' online experiences safe, educational, and fun.

​​​Social Media Safety

​​With ever-changing technology, it's important for parents to be monitoring their children's and teens' devices as well. The usage of tablets, cell phones, and e-readers should be closely regulated. New social media apps are released every day. Many of these apps can have unintended consequences when not used and monitored appropriately.

Below you can research apps that are currently popular with children and teens and should be monitored regularly by parents. Use the category drop-down to filter applications. This list is constantly changing and growing based upon a review of cases handled by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, an investigation by law enforcement, and additional research. 

Please keep in mind that apps are constantly being created, developed, and improved. Any app that is unfamiliar to parents should be researched and examined closely.

Apps That Should Be Monitored or Removed